Terms and Conditions

Terms and Conditions  (Updated March 2016)

FileRabit is a network providing software services and products. The Terms and Conditions will justify that which things you CAN do and which things you CAN'T do on our site. We have tried our best to finalize each of our service in simple and understandable manner.


By downloading software or application and using any information from our site, you are agreeing to the terms and conditions listed here below.

Our site provides software, applications, information and any other product in "AS IS" without giving any warranties. All type of warranties and non-infringement of proprietary rights are disclaimed hereby to the complete limit permitted by authorized laws.

We are not associated with any software or application nor we accept responsibility of any issue into downloads. This site is not responsible for any faults and issues facing in downloads.


Find your software and want to remove it from our site. Please file a message through contact us page with adding: title of software, sender name, job title and company name. You should add the reason of removal into message before sending it.

After receiving your message, we will contact you back into 48 to 72 hours (working days) after verifying your identity. After verification, we will proceed your request with taking further action.


FileRabit is a registered trademarks including the logos and text content. The terms "We", "us" and "our" refers to FileRabit network.

You are not authorized to use our trademarks as a part of any business, trading company or domain name.

Link to us:

We allowed anyone to link with our homepage (filerabit.com) or a subpage after complying with these terms:

  1. Do not framed our site on any other website.
  2. Do not use our logos and content to any site at any time.
  3. Do not use our word "FileRabit" as part of any business or domain name.
  4. Do not use direct links to images that we are using on our site. We reserve the right to withdraw any images without notifying you to demanding remove links to our images quickly.
  5. Do not modify or change our logos nor publish them without our permission.
  6. Do not link our site to any website that is not the property of you, linking to unlawful and inappropriate or those websites that will hurt our reputation is also prohibited.
  7. Do not link, reproduce our trademarks and logos which is also strictly prohibited.
  8. You are acknowledging that we have complete rights on our logos.
  9. Do not take anytype of claim on ownership, reputation or goodwill on our trademarks.

We reserve the right to withdraw links to images or logos, copied content from our site or using any copyright material from our site. We will take appropriate lawful action to immediately remove links to images, using our logos, trademarks or text data from your site without sending notice to you.

Using our website:

You didn't have any right to copy or reproduce our content to any website without having authorized permissions, We reserve all rights for taking appropriate action for the removal of copyright material against any firm, person or website under English courts.
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