Monday, January 14, 2019

Download Google Input Tools

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The useful collection of tools has multiple features related with translation, input keyboard, more familiar languages, virtual keyboards and more. Google has released input tools for both Windows OS and Chrome browser extension. It means that we can work in both online and offline modes. It make us eligible to start typing in different languages, translate words or phrases, insertion of special characters as well.

Google Input Tools has almost 125 popular languages from worldwide. You can easily switch to any language where you will find a virtual keyboard that includes complete collection of keys alongwith alphanumeric, punctuation, command, special and navigations keys. However, tools are available on Search, Gmail, Drive, Translation and YouTube as well.

Input Method Editors or Cantonese IME is latest function which will convert keystroke into different language character. However, the smart application lets you start handwriting in any language without having their keyboard. In simple words, there will be a large keyword based dictionary is working behind the application that will correct mistakes, translate new keywords as well as showing meaning of names.

Update: Google has discontinued input tools for both chrome extension and download for windows. The service is still working on multiple online services where you will take benefits though internet connection. Although, it is useful for personal, education and business profile users because multi-national communication is now growing day by day so it is requirement of everyone to get details about various languages.


Google Input Tools Technical File Details:

Category: Internet Tools
Author: Google
OS:Windows / Google Chrome

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