Sunday, September 11, 2016

Download Windows 8.1 Update

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Windows 8.1 OS updates are mandatory components that may improve interface, stability and compatibility features. It also has lots of security updates. Some of user interface issues were fixed through these updates especially operating mouse / touchpad and keyboard areas. These updates will boost functionality and overall performance of system. The battery performance has also been improved and revised via these significant updates. These offline updates are in multiple files shape, download files and run them in individually.

Furthermore, Windows 8.1 manual updates are compatible with all official editions including Home, Pro, Ultimate and Media Center editions. Microsoft recommends to use these updates through Windows Update but some of consumers facing network and speed problems so these updates can be used as offline. However, few of features were restored from Windows 7 OS via these updates in functionality and interface modes. Formerly, Windows Store was pinned in taskbar by default and you can't remove or unpin. These updates will make it possible to remove it from taskbar if desired.

Key Features of Windows 8.1 Update:

Some light changes in modern start screen under the context menus of modern apps. Windows modern apps and Microsoft traditional start menu are back after these updates and there are various 3rd party apps also can be used to bring beautiful start menus. Microsoft didn't released any security fixes or security updates under the package. Moreover, use Windows Update panel to get regular security updates for Windows Defender and Malicious Software Removal.

  • Several updates in Start Menu and Windows Taskbar
  • Touchpad, keyboard and mouse issues were fixed
  • Flash player updates for Internet Explorer
  • Increase compatibility with third party software
  • Update package is divided into several parts for easy installation
  • Bugs, issues and problematic areas were cleared automatically
  • Improvement in Windows interface e.g. themes, layout etc.

There are total 5 files that should be installed in PC in specific given order. It will ask for system restart for several times during or after installation. You should use "Express Setting" that is recommended but you can also use custom settings.


Windows 8.1 Update Technical File Details:

Latest Version: 8.1
License Type: Freeware
Language: Multiple Languages
Author: Microsoft Corporation
Product Size: varies on device
Product Title: Windows 8.1 Manual Update
OS Compatibility (x86): Windows 8 (Home, Professional, Ultimate, Media Center) 32-bit
OS Compatibility (x64): Windows 8 (Home, Professional, Ultimate, Media Center) 64-bit
OS Compatibility (x64): Windows Server 2008 R2
Filenames: windows8.1-kb2919442-x86_94ee3d715e732ed28c64b8096327375a35f5d211.msu / windows8.1-kb2932046-x86_bfd8ca4c683ccec26355afc1f2e677f3809cb3d6.msu / windows8.1-kb2919355-x86_de9df31e42fe034c9a763328326e5852c2b4963d.msu / windows8.1-kb2938439-x86_ac9aca7e41c8e818edbea0a8026189ee086f7aa2.msu / windows8.1-kb2937592-x86_96a3416d480bd2b54803df26b8e76cd1d0008d43.msu / windows8.1-kb2919442-x64_f97d8290d9d75d96f163095c4cb05e1b9f6986e0.msu / windows8.1-kb2932046-x64_6aee5fda6e2a6729d1fbae6eac08693acd70d985.msu / windows8.1-kb2919355-x64_e6f4da4d33564419065a7370865faacf9b40ff72.msu / windows8.1-kb2938439-x64_3ed1574369e36b11f37af41aa3a875a115a3eac1.msu / windows8.1-kb2938439-x64_3ed1574369e36b11f37af41aa3a875a115a3eac1.msu / windows8.1-kb2937592-x64_4abc0a39c9e500c0fbe9c41282169c92315cafc2.msu / windows8.1-kb2919442-arm_506ed7113697c597c2859d295d562fa4311834ec.msu / windows8.1-kb2932046-arm_fe6acf558880d127aef1a759a8c2539afc67b5fb.msu / windows8.1-kb2919355-arm_a6119d3e5ddd1a233a09dd79d91067de7b826f85.msu / windows8.1-kb2938439-arm_4a536d9ddcd9993cbe4fbc309ebd50a18d65f954.msu / windows8.1-kb2937592-arm_860c83a0cccc0519111f57a679ae9f9d071315e5.msu
x86 (32-bit) users: KB2919442 / KB2932046 / KB2919355 / KB2938439 / KB2937592 (Size. 417 MB)
x64 (64-bit) users: KB2919442 / KB2932046 / KB2919355 / KB2938439 / KB2937592 (Size. 866 MB)
ARM users: KB2919442 / KB2932046 / KB2919355 / KB2938439 / KB2937592 (Size. 865 MB)

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