Friday, July 15, 2016

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GOM Player lets you enjoy the excellence with playing various audios and video files in built-in codecs support. It’s an easy and simple multimedia program comparing to others. We can say it's all in one multimedia player which has bundle of codecs inside the setup. It will find necessary codecs from external resources when a video file never comply with internal codecs. Simply, it has Xvid, H263, OGG, MP4, FLV, DivX and few more.It has codec finding system that will help user's while locating external codecs immediately. Its enough to complete the needs of user's while playing any audio or video file.

However, GOM allows extreme position of customizing interface with changing themes, menus and other displayable content. By default codecs, it can play MP4, MKV, AVI, MOV, FLV, VOB, AVI and others. Audio and music file support is also wide where it will play audio CD's and DVD's with autoplay support. You can also capture video screen at specific time or capture whole media player as well. A-B repeating and playing speed control features are additional that shows power and accuracy of GOM media player. Find and play 360 videos from streaming video sites and play them from any direction.

Key Features of GOM Player:

It's a lightweight, simple and easier multimedia player which gives playback support to almost every type of audio and video file. Create playlist of your favorite music, open saved playlist files, Create subtitle files and access to widely supported subtitle file extensions.

Internal Codec Finder: Any additional codec requirement will be processed automatically with its internal codec finding system. As it supports wide variety of codecs but sometimes we need unique codec for playing unique type of videos. Unless, we can't find this feature in any other top class multimedia player.

Wide Codec Support: GOM player includes wide support of codecs including DIVX, FLAC, XVID, H263, MPG4, H264, MPEG1, MPEG2, H265, Cinepak, DVCP, DVPP and more. All of these and few more were installed alongwith media player setup. These dozens of codecs shown that GOM supports almost each type of multimedia file.

Playlist and Subtitle Support: PLX and ASX are mostly used playlist file extensions which both were supported by GOM player. Subtitle file extensions include SRT, SUB, RT and SMI that are commonly used subtitle files. GOM player gives ultimate control over audio and video files including subtitle and playlist support for FREE.

Video Playback Support: Enjoy a big combination of HD videos and Blu-ray movies in this tiny program. Unless other players can play some files but can't play some high definition videos. GOM player is able to play: WMV, AVI, MPG, FLV, MP4, 3GP, DAT, MOV, VOB, DIVX, RM, MKV and more. You didn't need another player or codecpack to play other media files.

GOM Player Technical File Details:

Product Size: 24 MB
Latest Version:
Product Title: GOM Player
Language: Multiple Languages
Author: GomLab (Gretech Corp)
License Type: Free (commercial)
OS: Windows 10 32/64 bit , Windows 8 32/64 bit , Windows 7 32/64 bit , Windows Vista 32/64 bit , Windows XP

Download GOM Player

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