Friday, April 15, 2016

Download Smadav Antivirus 2019

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Smadav antivirus is lighter, smarter and extremely powerful program used to target virus, worms, Trojans and other suspicious tools running under system’s explorer shelter. Sometimes suspected files were jump into system OS and keep monitor user activities. This will collect various information about security and privacy of use. At last, it will sends all credential, shopping and privacy information to the developer of that suspicious tool.

Basically, Smadav is a portable antivirus software which was developed especially for removable media storage like SD cards, USB flash disks, portable hard drives and mini SD cards as well. Its rich with latest virus signature database so it can eliminate "New Folder.exe, AutoRun.exe, Svchost.exe, Mydoom.exe, Updater.exe and other popular suspicious tools. Smadav is an intelligent and responsive powerful antivirus that can determine any malicious activity that may harm user computer.

Key Features of Smadav Antivirus:

Happy news for Windows 10 users because recently this version was assigned with Windows 10 compatibility. The scanning was slower in earlier version but now its faster than ever before along with efficient control over threats. Un-hiding hidden files and folders automatically and set them to their default attributes.

Power engine have zero tolerance over website protection so it will block any unauthorized access to firewall. Smadav is 2nd layer based antivirus tool that can be used as secondary or primary security software. Its completely tested and compatible with all other popular antivirus programs.

  • Using less than 2 MB of space wit giving 100% results
  • Examining any suspicious programs running in Windows startup
  • Sort running programs by "Risk Level" to get user's attention
  • Process manager will lists all the programs running in background
  • Use Smadav as portable antivirus especially for removable media
  • Faster scanning results will definitely take less time with quick response
  • Use it freely and Save money that will be paid to other expensive antivirus products
  • Ad undeleteable or suspicious files to Smadav by manual method
  • Enjoy shows hidden files, enabling registry and other features with system editor
  • Force system internal programs to run (that are showing errors) with Win-Force


Smadav Antivirus Technical File Details:

Author: Smadav Inc
Product Size: 1.81 MB
License Type: Freeware
Latest Version: 2018 Rev. 12.31
Language: English / Indonesian
Product Title: Smadav Antivirus
Filename's: smadav2018rev1231.exe
OS: Windows 10 32/64 bit , Windows 8 32/64 bit , Windows 7 32/64 bit , Windows Vista 32/64 bit , Windows XP
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