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Download Daemon Tools Lite

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Daemon Tools Lite allows creating unlimited virtual drives, mount ISO, NRG, MDF image files on them, create custom ISO and burn data directly into CD/DVD drive and more. Daemon tools have different versions with different features as well as price combination. Daemon tools pro and ultra are high cost disc emulating software and tools. This lite version is ad supported application having free license for both commercial and noncommercial purposes.

Daemon Tools Lite allows to run Securom, CDCOPS, SafeDisc, Laserlock, StarForce and Protect type of Discs. Many users were asking that how to emulate game discs or bootable applications. Basically, this program will create number of virtual drives depending on user choice. After creating virtual drive, with a single click, you can mount any file extension including .mdx/mds, .mdf, .iso, .b5t/b6t, .bwt, .ccd, .cdi, .bin, .cue, .ape, .cue, .flac, .nrg and .isz. UltraISO and PowerISO are the competitors featuring same functions but they offer them with high prices levels, but this version is completely freeware.

Create Disc Images:

Creating disc images of your files and folders is very simple and easy with Daemon Tools Lite. Just collect the target files and folders into one place. Create standard images or use boot file to create bootable disc images with very simple steps. Lite version can create images in ISO, MDF/MDX and MDS file extensions. Moreover, it gives access to create disc images right from DVD drives or Blu-ray disc drives.

Emulate Disc Images on Virtual Drives:

There are two types of virtual drives such as SCSI and DT virtual drive. The SCSI will definitely requires a system reboot to install virtual drive but the DT will show a new virtual disc drive immediately. The footer of Daemon Tools Lite shows list of virtual drives including mount and unmount functions.

  1. Navigate to menus containing in bottom area, locate and click on DT virtual drive button
  2. It will quickly shows a new virtual drive below the menu bar
  3. Right click on that virtual drive and use Mount from the top of list
  4. A new navigation windows will be open, locate and select the target image file
  5. That's all, An icon will be displayed on virtual drive, Go to My Computer and open your drive

Key Features of Daemon Tools Lite:

  • Simple, fast and easy to install
  • No complexity, User friendly interface makes it easy to use
  • No need to extract large size image files, just mount them to save time
  • Save hard drive space with mounting huge size files
  • Access files inside images directly without extracting them
  • Create up to 4 DT or SCSI virtual drives
  • Make disc images with custom preferences
  • Load ISO, MDS, CUE, NRG, BIN, ISZ, FLAC, CDI or MDF image file
  • No need to buy alternative, its all in one freeware disc image handler


Daemon Tools Lite Technical File Details:

Latest Version: 10.9.0
Product Size: 773 KB
Author: Daemon Tools Inc
License Type: Free License
Product Title: Daemon Tools
Language: Multiple Languages
Filename's: DTLiteInstaller.exe
OS: Windows 10 32/64 bit , Windows 8 32/64 bit , Windows 7 32/64 bit , Windows Vista 32/64 bit , Windows XP
Warning: We've detected that Daemon Tools Lite installer may try to install 3rd-party apps. Install file at your own risk; Disable network connection before installation or choose custom setup to prevent 3rd party apps.
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