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Mostly used freeware cleaner to clear cookies, history, search, form filling, temporary files, clipboard, windows explorer logs. Priform’s CCleaner can empty recycle bin, offer free space and increase overall computer performance. Sometimes our operating system slows down because of registry errors and temporary based files. So the user's are always searching for speed optimizer and system tuning tools to optimize computer or laptop speed. CCleaner is little and pro utility includes multiple benefits without taking any charges. The simple and clear interface will help its users to find additional features e.g. startup manager, advance multiple uninstaller, application cookies manager, registry optimizer and more.

As the name tells, CCleaner will clean every thing that may harm your security or privacy such as cookies, temp files, logs, .dat files, memory dumps, prefetch data and history of credentials. The registry section gives an awesome boost up with clearing registry errors. It will delete bad entries, remove deleted program entries, repair corrupted entries and keep them up to date with windows. The will automatically increases system speed including windows startup, shutting Down, log off and windows loading timing. The white interface will makes the text clear for user and the rest of tools were in black and gray background. However this is a free version but another Professional version is available for purchase that gives more advantages then standard version.

Speed up Computer:

If a computer goes down, the operator have anger on system even the latest 6th generation computers were running slowly. There were many reasons that are creating such problem but most of them are registry errors and temp files. CCleaner is the master of solution which will eliminate all temp files located in anywhere in windows drive. This will give more free space as well as boost PC speed. The registry repair will optimize registry size with deleting unwanted values. When A software will be uninstalled from computer, it leaves registry values which will cause problems for Windows in running and operating. CCleaner can remove problematic values from registry editor and remove all temp files so it will keep your machine fresh.

Get Rid of Errors:

Dialog box of an error makes the admin also angry when windows displays don't send errors, runtime errors, unexpected errors, runtime errors and some other. They interrupt user while working and they appears again and again. Many of errors were displayed on system startup before seeing desktop wallpaper. The only solution of getting rid from these errors is to maintain Windows fresh. CCleaner is a tiny pro tool can delete useless values from Windows Registry Editor, delete unwanted programs from startup program list, uninstall unauthorized programs completely and delete temporary files. All the perfections will optimize system speed automatically and you will no longer see anytype of errors.

Get Rid of Useless Programs:

CCleaner is offering 2 powerful programs which the first one is Startup Manager and the second one named Uninstall Manager. Both of these are awesome and working like a premium software can do but this is little free software called CCleaner. It integrates both which gives multiple program uninstallation and customizing program running on windows startup. Choose what to eliminate and choose what to save, now its depending on user. Windows default uninstaller didn't allow multiple program removal but CCleaner allows to remove multiple programs. Moreover, delete selected programs from uninstall manager will also hide that software from windows program and features list. Startup program manager also works fine that shows a list of programs that start running when Windows logged in. Now customize that list to get rid of unwanted programs.

CCleaner Technical File Details:

Author: Priform
Product Size: 18 MB
License Type: Freeware
Product Title: CCleaner
Languages: Multilingual
Filename: ccsetup547.exe
Latest Version: 5.51.6939
OS: Windows 10 32/64 bit , Windows 8 32/64 bit , Windows 7 32/64 bit , Windows Vista 32/64 bit , Windows XP

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