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Browse the web at maximum speed with Firefox that featuring, search directly in new tab, use add-ons for web development and SEO, manage bookmarks, save credentials, secure browsing and bundle of new features. Firefox is light size and open source website browser which is currently used by millions of users. Its available on all device platforms (e.g. iOS, Android, MAC, Linux, Windows) including mobile support. Mozilla is non profit organization working consistently on Firefox and trying to make is world's best internet browser. The other side have Microsoft's (IE), Google's (Chrome), Apple's (Safari) and Opera.

The stronger security and privacy settings make Firefox popular among professional users. The speed was improved than previous versions. The big function of Mozilla's Firefox is simple and awesome design. The user friendly interface will keep eyes fresh and they never get ride of themes. The big gallery of themes are available for free to make your browser interface beautiful. There is a customization button used to move or replace different buttons from toolbar. Mozilla gives direct approach to the browser UI so users are happy to use it because they love Firefox. The simple drop down file menu contains detailed structure of tools and functions offered by Firefox.

Functions of Mozilla Firefox:

As the new versions were launched as eta by Mozilla Labs, they receive manual reviews from users as well as automatic bugs. So the developer team works harder to eliminate each of bug from recent versions. Mozilla is trying to lead the next century from its opponents but the competition requires everything best for users without any cost. However, we're going to pick some of top profits of Firefox browser.

Pro Add-ons: Mozilla add-ons library is rich with hundreds of professional tools. Adblock and Adblock plus are strongly famous extensions. Moreover, there is a wide support for web developers, SEO's, graphic designers and other movie studios. All the add-ons are free and Mozilla save your collection to your account with sync Firefox library. IDM Integration, ColorZilla, WebRank SEO, Hotspot Shield and Alexa toolbars are most popular one.

Simplest UI: Users always need a simplest and eye friendly application which didn't tired user eyes. Mozilla Firefox has simple design, colorful logo, easy menu and toolbar which 100% customizing tools. The themes are available to download and apply on your Firefox to make it personalize. Carbon light, Pastel gradient, Linen light, Space fantasy and A web browser renaissance are recommended themes from Mozilla developers.

Quick Downloader: The quick download library (Ctrl + J) will shows all previous downloads sorted by date. Firefox has faster internal download manager which will get any file from server and use maximum downloading speed offered by broadband connection. The files inside download library shows customization e.g open containing folder, remove from list, copy link and few more.

Awesome Bar: This is awesome feature introduced in earlier version that gives direct search usability to save users time. Now type directly in awesome bar / URL bar and press enter. It will take user to search engine page. Before it, users are going to open search engine page and then enter their queries so it takes sometime. However, now Mozilla gives top search engines in the list. User can switch to any of them or use a custom search engine with entering url.

Privacy Protection: Mozilla offers private browsing that doesn't save browsing history, downloads, bookmarks, form filling, search queries and other web stuff. This will save credential information from being hijacked by any unauthorized person. The normal Firefox browser takes everything even username, email and passwords from shopping cart.

Mozilla Firefox Technical Details:

Author: Mozilla
License Type: Freeware
Languages: Multilingual
Product Size: 41 MB / 43 MB
Latest Version: 65
Product Title: Mozilla Firefox
Filename: Firefox Setup 65.0b4.exe / Firefox Setup 65.0b4.exe
OS: Windows 10 32/64 bit , Windows 8 32/64 bit , Windows 7 32/64 bit , Windows Vista 32/64 bit , Windows XP


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